Chris is very knowledgeable in the field and compassionate with his patients, he truly has been a huge help with my recovery!!

Monica M [7/31/2018]

Chris helped me with chronic back pain. Chris truly cares about each one of his patients and takes his time to make sure you feel ok before, during and after treatments. After a few sessions, I was pain free.

Cheryl G [5/16/2018]

Chris is the best! Amazing and passionate at what he does and always can put a smile on anyone’s face 

Laura E [5/16/2018]

Amazing! I found Chris as a walk in and based on reviews, he is not only thorough and knowledgeable, but passionate about what he doesn’t. This translated to a major improvement in my back pain. Fabulous!

Ashley D [1/23/2018]

I was suffering from a terrible fall in the shower, due to the expertise and kind bedside manor at Acusage I was able to breathe, walk and move around pain free within days. 
 I was previously treated for migraines and was timid to try acupuncture but was pleasantly surprised to find not only did my symptoms decrease but I was worried for nothing. It was quite therapeutic. Thank you for always helping me.

Heather O [11/22/2017]

I have been getting acupuncture here for the past 8 months and it has helped me do much. Chris Miranda is so professional and does a superb job. He not only knows how to do amazing acupuncture he also knows how to get all those knots out during the massage. I have had a bunch of health issues and Chris has done everything he can and more to help me. I would recommend him to anyone.

Caroline T [8/30/2017]

I have been going to Chris for about 8 years now .I had been to other massage therapists in the past and they pale in comparison.I always have has back and neck issues which he has really helped with.he is so.good with those accupunture needles i barely feel tjem going in
In addition to going an extra mile to help you out 
I followed him from franklin square to.floral park to Levitown .if you need a massage or accupunturist you won’t fond better then Chris Miranda

Bonnie E [8/28/2017]

Acusage Therapy has been a life changer for me! I came to Chris with multiple issues… aches, joint pain, neck and hip tightness and stress, not only did Chris explain in detail what he would be doing as far as Acupuncture was concerned, he also gave me useful exercises and Traditional Chinese techniques to practice outside of my weekly sessions. Chris brings a sense of ease and fun to his practice and with each session I have left feeling better and better. I would recommend Chris and Acusage Therapy to anyone looking to feel better physically and emotionally!

Ilyssa W [8/24/2017]

I have been through 4 major foot surgeries over a span of 6 years, and I’m only 25 yrs old. The most recent surgery I had done was last march of 2016, and ever since that surgery, I was experiencing discomfort that started off mild and progressed over a few months after the procedure was performed (I had hardware removal from my 5th toe and a bunion that re-surfaced with spurs again, shaved down). Every time I came in for rechecks every few weeks with my podiatrist I told him of the pain and swelling in that area of my toe, and he kept assuring me that everything was fine with my X-rays, so it was probably me being on my feet 24/7 at my job and not resting it much (I’m a vet tech at an animal hospital) . I believed him at first, and iced and rested it when i could after work, but it wasn’t helping. Into the summer and fall, again I was going back for rechecks still in pain and it only amplified as the year went on, and still, my dr said “everything is fine”. Fast forward to this march, 2017, a year post-op, still in excruciating pain. I had enough and saw a different foot dr in the practice and she looked at my most recent X-rays from dec 2016 and was shocked to find that my pinky toe was actually degenerating, my joint was totally obliterated, and I had the worst arthritis where I had no more function of that toe, and was even more surprised to learn that this was all going on since last year when my dr was telling me the whole time I was fine. I was furious and in shock when the new dr told me there was nothing she could do for my pain because the steroid shots would accelerate the degeneration and I can’t take any anti-inflammatories because of my Colitis history, so basically was told to ice it after work and have a major surgery performed to correct the deformation. Feeling like I was at a dead end, a coworker of mine kept telling me to see her acu-massage therapist whose helped her a lot with her ailments and spoke very highly of him. I kept putting it off, but eventually decided to see Chris because I couldn’t take the pain anymore and would come home crying every night from work because it was so overwhelming and there was nothing I could do about it. But Chris changed that all for me. He listened to me intently on my situation and thoroughly examined me and came up with a plan. After only 1 session of acupuncture, some chinese medicine, and massage therapy on my affected foot, I felt the difference immediately. And, after seeing him another 2 times, I went home pain free. I worked an 11 hr shift the next night and was worried I would be back at square 1 and in pain again from being on my feet all that time, but I was elated to come home to a non painful foot whatsoever, the first time I’ve been pain free since my march 2016 surgery; I was the happiest person alive! Chris takes the time to listen to his patients and worked with me on exercises I can do at home to strengthen my foot and ways I can manage the pain at home, without taking pain meds i can’t take due to my colitis illness. He is very caring and made me feel comfortable during every session. Obviously he can’t cure my deformity in my toe that is going to progress and get worse, but he DEFINITELY is helping me manage my pain and discomfort 100%, and so far i’ve been pain free since seeing him. I felt like I was at a dead end with my never-ending pain which was debilitating me and the job I love, but Chris helped me so much, words can’t describe how grateful I am to have made the decision to see him. You will not be disappointed!!

Sylvia G [3/29/2017]