At Acupuncture Global, we know that you want your nation to be united, strong, and on the forefront of medical advancement. In order to be that, you need medical practitioners who are uniquely trained in the latest methods of alternative medicine. The problem is that you lack resources to properly equip practitioners with such training, which makes you feel overwhelmed, underserved, and frustrated. We believe that people of every nation deserve to have access to advanced medical treatment and sustainable healthcare. We understand that you feel left behind and under-resourced…maybe even forgotten. Our team has worked in many situations just like yours where we were able to provide sustainable integrative healthcare to underserved communities all over the world.

It’s simple to get started:

1. Schedule your free session so you can experience the life changing benefits of acupuncture.

2. We then have a brief discussion so that we can understand your current medical system and how we can help you improve.

3. We create a training plan unique to you.

4. We execute on the plan that includes extensive follow-up to ensure you are getting the results you want.

The first step is easy – simply schedule your free session. As you prepare for our first meeting, you may also find it helpful to download this free PDF, “Things to be aware of when rebuilding with alternative medicine.”

No longer do you need to feel inferior, overwhelmed, and unnoticed, but instead proud ­– proud that you are investing in well-trained medical personnel that will benefit generations to come.



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Before I discovered acupuncture in my country I had problems with my menstrual cycle, every month for me was a nightmare, my first acupuncture treatment helped me a lot with the cold that I had in my uterus, I had pain in my back, cramps and sometimes headaches in the top of my head, doctor said it was for the coldness. Today finally I feel fine and much better. I do not have any pain when I has my menstrual cycle. I tried acupuncture and helped me a lot. When I tried to solve this problem on my own and was a feeling of getting nowhere, and a sense of unhappiness. Big difference from being treated with acupuncture rather than a traditional hospital or western medical doctor because when I went office the medication he proscribed me did not work, acupuncture was the biggest achievement. The treatment I see helps a lot of our people. Since 2012 the same patients revisit the clinic when it comes back. My life has changed, now I do not have to wear heavy clothes to cover myself because of the coldness that I had in my body, because when I had my menstrual cycle I felt a lot of cold even in the summer and it was worst in the winter. Now I am free to wear the clothes that I want. Acupuncture definitely change my life.

Linda Lopez

Before I discovered acupuncture in my country My son had asthma, my daughter had stomach problems, and I had urinal problems. My son had a very hard time, because the doctored tried several medications and nothing really worked. As for myself none of the antibiotics helped and most of the doctors here “try” medications, and are not sure what to use. There is a big difference, from the hospital or a western medical office from the beginning to the end, because with the yoga, reiki, acupuncture and massage, there is a better feeling. I noticed our bodies healing after the treatment, and specially the practitioners were so kind and they show they care about us. I realized that acupuncture was starting to work the day after our treatments. At that moment I wanted to return and get another treatment. Life has changed for my son. For about 8 years we have been dealing with his asthma problem, and there were crisis where he could not breathe.  After the treatments, I can see his lungs are stronger, and he had not suffered a crisis for 2 years now.

Mega Garzona

My main problem is stress, thyroid and some issues with lungs. When I tried to solve these issues on my own I tried the “usual” type of medicines, and it didn’t work. I felt to myself I am more of the natural type and Chinese medicine I am cheating myself. The difference for me was the service I received that I don’t like to have all the chemicals in my body that, in my case will solve the symptoms but not the actual problem. I trust TCM and acupuncture. The moment I realized the treatment were starting to take effect was in the Jornada, when I decided to get needled on a regular basis, as well as the change in my eating habits and the way I deal with my emotions.  In my personal experience, I have a different concerns of what it means to really correct the problem and not only take pills to take care of the symptoms. Of course I am aware that I need to visit a practitioner on a regular basis in order to keep improving.

Maura Parra